Friday, January 13, 2006

A Beauty Full Evening...

(Above: Marie-Laure Fournier and Gwen Flamberg, Beauty Director of Fitness Magazine)

On the evening before Christmas Day, Marie-Laure Fournier, of Fournier Communications, decided to invite a few close friends for a warm and cozy Christmas dinner. These friends, her friends, were a crowd of Beautiful People. This was not exactly a crowd from the 1960's, were the term Beautiful People referred to the musicians, actors and celebrities of the Californian "Flower Power." Rather, this was a 2006 crowd certainly familiar with the history of that era; "Baby You're a Rich Man", from the Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour album in which they make reference to "beautiful people". This was a crowd of visionaries, smart intelligent women and men that envelope beauty every day. A crowd that take pride on the notion that they give beauty direction, globally! They are above all, people... Beauty-Full People.

When in Vogue, do as Voguers do, hence... Above: Sarah Brown, Beauty Editor of Vogue and Karlo, MakeUp Artiste. Left to right: Sarah in Marc Jacobs blue silk ruffled top and Karlo in dark navy tailored pinstripe jacket by Moschino, sky blue long-sleeve cuffed shirt by Mugler, and jeans by Dirk Bikkembergs. Cufflinks by Swarovski. Hehehe.

Alright, back at this article and the beauty of that evening. As I mentioned before, Marie-Laure Fournier gave such a lovely dinner where gifts were exchanged... and talking about gifts, it was so hard for me to find gifts for people that have almost everything. Well, thanks to the suggestion of my friend Patrice Braccialli of Francesco Smalto, I arrived at La Maison du Chocolat, and so I went the route of decadence. Chocolat for everyone.

And between champagne and cocoa we chatted, and the most lovely conversation surfaced. Sarah spoke about her job, her position, Vogue, and I went into catharsis. After the conversation she was having with Marie-Laure, in which I was just a receiver of that exchange, I felt so good about myself. She reiterated what I've always thought, how I've always felt. I don't have to accept mediocrity because otherwise I am not "nice." I choose excellence, because I am excellent, and I would not do it any other way. Perfectionist? Maybe. Perfect? I don't think so. Am I a good person? Hell I am. Am I "not nice"? Maybe, if you think I would fall for mediocrity.

Thanks Marie-Laure, thanks Sarah. Thank you for sharing.

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