Monday, July 24, 2006

Barbara, barbarisima!

(Barbara Bermudo and Karlo. City Hall, New York City)

Talk about A transformation... Barbara Bermudo really turns from little girl next door, cute, innocent, lovely, " no rompo un plato," into a glamazon, a bombshell, a "is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just happy to see me," "se jodio la vajilla" kind of girl. No doubt that when she was selected by Univision to announce at City Hall, with Mayor Bloomberg, that the Latin Grammys were being held in the city of New York, they really had to think about the outfit she was going to wear. Actually, she did. Otherwise, Bloomberg might have instantly turned into a Viagra pill while chatting with Barbara Bermudo.

Barbara chose for the press conference a "La Perla" lace outfit, which I am not sure it served the purpose of keeping Mr. Bloomberg in a relaxed or flaccid state of mind. Not that the outfit was not "recatado" or the sort, but let's face it, lets be real guys and girls. This woman can simply be mummified by hundreds of yards of Abayas and she will still exude glamour and sensuality.

I'm sorry for those women that just don't have it, don't be jealous. Here is the deal. Practice. Uhum! The secret is for the sexiness and sensuality to become second nature, to become part of you. In this case, Barbarita was just born with it.

Oh Lord, did things pop that afternoon! Yes they did. You know, I was the usual fabulous makeup artiste, applying flawless, soft, demure, sexy, noble, enhancing, contouring makeup. But, I also had to quickly turn into La Perla's best seamstress ever, as one of the buttons from Barbara's lace top flew across City Hall revealing more than "I am very happy to announce that the Latin Grammy's will be held in the city of New York..." Thanks to grandma Felicita for teaching me how to "coser botones." Barbara, Univision, and Mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend thank you too :-)

Oh well, the event went on without any other mishaps. Barbara televised lovely, as usual, "todo en su sitio y recogido." The makeup read seamless on television as well as her outfit, and I imagine Mayor Bloomberg went home with a happy face and his heart pumping strong and ready to release the news to his girlfriend that New York City will be the home for the next Latin Grammy's. Uff! What a relief.

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