Monday, October 02, 2006

Neurological Recalls and Bronzer

(Isa, under the influence of Pablo's magical refracting visuals at Nacotheque)

Sounds of music, peoples' glances, images of passion above, "que Dior los cria y ellos se juntan," and a dose of one of the most powerful components of memory: "retrieval (recall)."

(Marcelo Cunning of Nacotheque. Curator, "Defensor de la Cultura.")

His communal dosages are almost weekly and his guest DJ's are guaranteed to give you a Camilo Sesto, Soda Stereo, Menudo, Instituto Mexicano del Sonido , Los Amigos Invicibles, Cafe Tacuba, Xuxa or Circo "high." Re-mixed to the 2000's or original.

(L to R: If anyone knows her name email me, Nacotheque's evening guest Fofe, of Circo, and a simple voyeur, Karlo)

(Designers Isa and Miguel Peña a-la-Camilo Sesto)

And for Marcelo:
"Without a song or a dance what are we?"

Psst! Yes, I'm addicted to bronzer. My favorites? Dior & JeanPaul Gaultier's
Confessions Of a Makeup Artiste!

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Amylu Meneses said...

I remember that lovely girl from the party! hola bebe. xoxo Amylulita (Nacotheque)