Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Boiled Egg, a Cup of Coffee and Despierta America

Yes, the Despierta America beauty segment in relation to the Grammys finally came out and "bingo"! Exactly what I expected. I saw a hungry-low-sugar-level Karlo in front of the cameras. LOL. Alright, it's my fault because when in hectic mode I just forget to eat.

A boiled egg and a cup of coffee laid in my stomach since 7:00 in the morning. We tapped the segment at 2:30 PM. I'm surprised the models did not turned out like Frankenstein's bride (on drugs), and I was able to maintain my composure. But the repercussion of starving turned into lovely visual effects... I rolled my eyes, forgot names and things did not flow smoothly, verbally speaking. I think.

Oh well, friends and family were happy to see me, and they all thought I was excellent and delivered my beauty mesasge loud and clear: EAT!

Filmed at my favorite makeup store: Make Up For Ever.
Hair by Liz @ Jeffrey Stein: 3rd Avenue between 43 & 44 street, New York, NY. 212-557-0005

Here are the before and after images they did not aired. I think they are great considering they are "regular" people.
Enjoy and post some comments. Love, Karlo.



I call this a "Kevinacuanaso." Too bad he's gone.



I'm still hungry.

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clari said...

Colors used by Karlo: chocolate mousse eye shadow, peaches n cream gloss, honey glazed doughnuts rouge, wheat-free oatmeal base, hummus concealer & veggie burger highlights.