Saturday, October 24, 2009

Of Fashion, Socialites and Channeling Oscar...

(Oscar de la Renta's spring/summer 2010 look)

Have you ever asked yourself what or who support$ a fashion designer's empire? Well, its basically the goddesses of sales, and they come in all shapes and sizes including, the Socialite. Also, have you ever wondered how two people can come up with the same concept at the same time in different parts of the world, even in the same city? Keep reading.

On September 16, 2009 Oscar de la Renta showed the world his vision, his interpretation of wearable art for the 2010 spring/summer collection. For this event at The Tents in Bryant Park, New York City, birds of a feather flocked together to pay homage to De La Renta; kings and queens of the press, front-row bloggers, buyers, groupies, family, friends and the perennial decked out socialite including Maria Chevere de Levis.

Maria Chevere de Levis has been an avid follower of Mr. de la Renta. Consequently, Oscar's sketches made reality have embellished many of Maria's benefit galas, tasty celebrations of life or simple casual gatherings of the 'socialité' in Puerto Rico. Maria seems to embody a designer's dream come true; the perfect reverent customer.

All things considered, every season Mrs. Levis gets invited, personally, by Mr. de la Renta to his fashion shows at The Tents in New York City. Every season I usually get a call from Maria; she wants to look flawless before the claws of every vulture present at the fashion show. Her best is always accentuated using the magic of color, chiaroscuro, wands of mascara... de la Renta's and a few pounds of diamonds in case she needs to use a weapon of mass destruction. The usual breakfast imbued with Champagne, gossip, laughter, funny stories by Mr. Levis and Maria's update on her new entrepreneurial projects always precede the 'transformation' prior to the show.

The 'production' usually starts with the setting of my tungsten lights to fill the hotel room with a thousand watts, ALL is illuminated... and here is what I need to say in regards to Light and the channeling of Oscar.

This time around I sensed that Maria was, lets say, uneasy. She was experiencing the perfect discomfort a boa needs in order to shed her old skin off and come anew, at least that was my perception. "I need to look ravishing..." Maria mentioned to Oscar's crew, "I want my makeup to look different... loaded..." she addressed. It was at THAT moment that I felt the sky opening up and a torrent of information and direction started to flow upon myself. The only words I uttered were "Trust me, I know what I'm going to do."

It's not the first time I experience a Shirley McLaine moment, it's the story of my life when it comes to creativeness. Wether it's 'Yemaya', 'Chango' or 'Santa Barbara bendita', who knows, but it happens, and I go into a trance not even Whoopi (as Oda Mae Brown in Ghost) can top it off.

I finished Maria's makeup and she looked 'ravishing'. The look went perfectly with the Oscar ensemble. Diva. Star. Prima Donna. Definitely vixen. But as soon as she looked in the mirror an "Oh my god, I look like Cat Woman..." was gasped in despair. Between the Oscar team and myself she was comforted and assured. And, off she went with her favorite man, Mr. Levis, to see one of her favorite men, Mr. Oscar de la Renta, only to find out she was an imprint of the Oscar de la Renta look for spring/summer 2010. No' inside' information.

(Maria Chevere de Levis, ready for the Oscar de la Renta spring/summer 2010 show)

As to the readers that would like another explanation other than the one from 'Oda Mae Brown' (Whoopi) in regards to the channelling and connection to the Universe, here is what I have to say from the book, Science of Mind, chapter 3, page 39:

"There is a KNOWER within us.
All man's inventions and discoveries are at this moment in that River (meaning God {or whatever you want to call it}, the intelligence of God running through us). As it flows through the brains of men whose habitual thought tends toward some particular idea and concept, those men catch and register new ideas in line with their concepts. That is why men on opposite sides of the earth who have never known each other sometimes come forth simultaneously with the same invention, the same discovery, the same story theme. Each one believes that he, personally, originated the idea; but no human being ever originates. He merely tunes in on ideas carried in the One Great Originating Mind."


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