Monday, April 03, 2006

Denise Quiñones. What a Beauty!

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What a beauty Denise is. This is the original image that was used for the cover of "Revista Caras," which I produced in the city of New York, and I say beauty, because as you know, beauty gets delivered in many ways. In this particular case physical beauty is not questioned, actually beauty is not questioned at all, because Denise is a trooper when it comes to positive energy, bringing that aura everywhere she goes, but she also has a noble soul. I say all that, because she decided to do this photo-editorial for Caras the day after she arrived from Canada, after weeks of hard work while she tapped Smallville with Superman :-). She arrived on time at my friend Olivier's apartment on 56 Street, where we shot, and she stayed bubbly and happy all throughout our shoot. Mind, next day she was taking an early flight to "la-la Land," where she was to do nothing for the 2005-06 Holidays, and she had not packed. She needed a well deserved rest after all that kicking-flying-appear-and-disappear in the episode. You are SuperWoman girl!

Kentisha working an Alvin Valley

Sooo we did makeup, hair, styling, pulling, double-taping, sinching and un-sinching all day. Kentisha, the stylist, worked with all the "Valley's, Dell'Acqua's, Peña's, Nivelais' and Choo's." Justin Cruz, the hairdresser worked with silk all day, molding and adorning. Me, myself and I, Karlo, painted and painted, trying to give the camera a surface on where to shine and opaque, in order to create angles and ciaro-oscuros. Dean Everard and Katie Bleacher captured the hours of enhanced beauty created. It was so much fun... uhum!!!

My makeup mess!

Below: Denise and Justin Cruz (hair master)

Yeah, the fun ended when the magazine decided to publish this image as a February cover. This image was not supposed to be a February cover you know. I agreed to produce it only if we had some time to edit it after the Holidays, but no, by "obra y misericordia" of God, all of a sudden, they needed this image. I heard a "longaniza" of things: "La Ednita did not happen... It was a misunderstanding... The reporter did not communicate well"... blah blah blah. Hence, my Holidays were ruined, Dean and Katie went crazy in the Caribbean, and I almost got in jail for trespassing private property by trying to get into the photographers apartment in order to reach the files that contained Denise, hehehe. Poor girl, she was compressed amidst bills, dogs, other celebrities, agendas, and lots of music. But finally I got her, I found her, I sent her to Nabet, the finishing man (hey Nabet, update your site, c'mon, make it like you mean it, that way I can post it here), and as every job I take on, it was delivered safe and sound and we were all happy at the end.

And we lived happilly everafter...
Below: Dean Everard, Denise Quiñones, Karlo, Kentisha and Justin.

And at the end of the day, exhausted, the evening filled with champagne, cigar smoke... and a farewell in the making. Thanks.

Next, only if you wish, I will post "the products" I used on Denise. But only if I get enough "comments" posted by you, here below. Let me know if you really want it :-)