Tuesday, November 07, 2006

They Came "Amazonicas"...

(Note: Be aware that every light blue/lavender written words are links to the subjects mentioned. Just click on them and it will take you to the respective site.)

Yes, there were a few "Amazonicas," as Rene Perez of Calle 13 would say, at the Latin Grammys. I definitely saw "street fighters," "enciclopedias," "intelectuales," and the ones that looked like "machina de feria" spinning very hard, back to back, up and down and even singing the carousel song ...ñoo! But, as my mother would say: "para los gustos los colores" (to each it's own). And talking of color... ladies!!! Pleeease come on, once in a while pick up a copy of Vogue, "W," Bazaar or Allure in order to keep your color gamut in check. Probably the best $3.99 ever invested.

Uhum! Here's to all the "machinas de feria" (amusement attractions, well, in this case, more like freak attactions): We are in Fall. This is New York, the capital of the world. Hence, one of the capitals of fashion, beauty... you name it. You know all eyes were going to be on you. Keep at bay the beauty and fashion "faux-pauxs". Hire a stylist, a hairdresser, a makeup artist! You are a product, and that product better look good on the shelf, otherwise it's not going to be picked up, nor get the attention...simply ignored and end up at the .99 cent store "super venta del pasillo."

They all want to look "Hollywood level," as Mauricio Zeilic mentioned in "Cotorreando," but they do not want to pay the cashola $$$, and I second that fact. Ladies, follow the steps of Salma Hayek, Jeniffer Lopez and from my personal experience/knowledge: Roselyn Sanchez, Dayanara Torres, Ednita Nazario, Ivana Trump, Molly Ringwall, Barbara Bermudo, Giselle Blondet and Adamaris Lopez to name a few. Yes, they all have a budget for their artists... and give them the star treatment they deserve. (Psst!, btw, the ones on the segment "Celebities on Crack", are the ones that refuse the services por "codua(o)s" or stingy.)

"Pero" in regards to the latter second paragraph and the subject of "ignore", lets do that and lets focus on the "Amazonicas." On the ones that know "karate," cook with "salsa de tomate," and "mojan el arroz con un poco de aguacate."

Denise Quiñones right before the Green Carpet @ The Grammys.
(Click on image to enlarge)
Denise Quiñones (above) is wearing: Dress by Ecliptica, jewelry by David Yurman, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti, and makeup by ME :-) The woman responsible for putting the whole outfit together, who is the stylist, is my friend Johanna Laracuente, whom I will keep recommending as she is a talented sweetheart.

Below, a close look right before getting dressed.
(Click on image to enlarge)
Makeup tips on the image above:

Lips: Cover the entire lips with Shu Uemura lip liner #310 and go over the entire lip area with Make Up For Ever's "Fascinating Lip Gloss" in Pearly Beige.

Eyes: Eyeline on the outer edges only with Make Up For Ever's "Eye Contours" eye pencil in "dark green #01." Then apply an iridescent brownish eyeshadow on the lid, like MAC's "Sable":

follow with individual eyelashes, MAC Eye Shadow in "Greensmoke" on the outer edges;
and finalize with mascara and a dose of Rene Perez from Calle 13...

(Click on image to enlarge)
Above: Rene Perez from Calle 13 wears Carlos Campos.

Thanks for reading and beautifying the world.- Karlo

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Boiled Egg, a Cup of Coffee and Despierta America

Yes, the Despierta America beauty segment in relation to the Grammys finally came out and "bingo"! Exactly what I expected. I saw a hungry-low-sugar-level Karlo in front of the cameras. LOL. Alright, it's my fault because when in hectic mode I just forget to eat.

A boiled egg and a cup of coffee laid in my stomach since 7:00 in the morning. We tapped the segment at 2:30 PM. I'm surprised the models did not turned out like Frankenstein's bride (on drugs), and I was able to maintain my composure. But the repercussion of starving turned into lovely visual effects... I rolled my eyes, forgot names and things did not flow smoothly, verbally speaking. I think.

Oh well, friends and family were happy to see me, and they all thought I was excellent and delivered my beauty mesasge loud and clear: EAT!

Filmed at my favorite makeup store: Make Up For Ever.
Hair by Liz @ Jeffrey Stein: 3rd Avenue between 43 & 44 street, New York, NY. 212-557-0005

Here are the before and after images they did not aired. I think they are great considering they are "regular" people.
Enjoy and post some comments. Love, Karlo.



I call this a "Kevinacuanaso." Too bad he's gone.



I'm still hungry.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Neurological Recalls and Bronzer

(Isa, under the influence of Pablo's magical refracting visuals at Nacotheque)

Sounds of music, peoples' glances, images of passion above, "que Dior los cria y ellos se juntan," and a dose of one of the most powerful components of memory: "retrieval (recall)."

(Marcelo Cunning of Nacotheque. Curator, "Defensor de la Cultura.")

His communal dosages are almost weekly and his guest DJ's are guaranteed to give you a Camilo Sesto, Soda Stereo, Menudo, Instituto Mexicano del Sonido , Los Amigos Invicibles, Cafe Tacuba, Xuxa or Circo "high." Re-mixed to the 2000's or original.

(L to R: If anyone knows her name email me, Nacotheque's evening guest Fofe, of Circo, and a simple voyeur, Karlo)

(Designers Isa and Miguel Peña a-la-Camilo Sesto)

And for Marcelo:
"Without a song or a dance what are we?"

Psst! Yes, I'm addicted to bronzer. My favorites? Dior & JeanPaul Gaultier's
Confessions Of a Makeup Artiste!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Daily News, My Most Sincere GRACIAS!

My view on style, a little bit of my life, and some really gorgeous faces is what the New York Daily News decided to print on "Karlo," and for this, GRACIAS! Amelia Alonso had a vision, she networked the "Karloses, Porterers and Coboses." Hence, Neil Porter and Johnny Cobos from VIVA NY (<-click here for the entire article) reached out, I obliged, Moises Velasquez listened, wrote it, and VIVA printed it.

Gracias to (in alphabetical order :-) ) Amelia Alonso (for your vision and "creer") Robert Bryan, John Leguizamo, Ednita Nazario, Miguel Peña, Denise Quiñones, Roselyn Sanchez, Patricia de la Torre of "Revista Caras," Dayanara Torres and Patricia Velasquez, for their support and for always believing in me. Neil and Johnny, you rock! Please accept my most sincere thanks.

Also, last but not least, more GRACIAS to Liz Russel of Jeffrey Stein (3rd Avenue, between 43 & 44 Street); Rodrigo, the fabulous hairdresser, Dean Everard and Katie Bleacher, of befoto, for the image; Moises, the journalist, Nabet, the retoucher and Claudia Cedro, the beautiful stylish woman we found at the end of our journey, for being at the right place at the right time. Thanks Claudia for beautifying the world with "simplicity" :-)

(click here for Claudia's portfolio)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Be Careful What You Wish For

(Super handsome Elliot Torres (poet), and Superstar Denise @ Calle 13 (click on their video) concert in Central Park, New York City.)

You wished for it and People En Español will publish it. Yes, so many people asked for the products I use on Denise Quiñones (Simone, Mariloler, Eunice, Jennifer Heslop, Giovanni, Anonymous, etc.)... and now Kika (Maria Rocha/Fashion and Beauty Director) and Miguel Sirgado (Beauty Editor) will open the beauty section of People En Español (October 2006) with a list of my favorite products for Denise, plus some of my makeup tips. "Echale un ojo" at that issue.

Furthermore, "brinca" to this page (click on the word 'page') and let me know how you like the before-and-after of Dayanara Torres. Yes, Karlo did the makeup, but I forgot to let Miguel Sirgado and Kika know, ooops! Sorry, from now on I promise I will send them press-releases on any celebrity I beauty-enhance.

Thanks Kika! Thanks Miguel! So lovely!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Barbara, barbarisima!

(Barbara Bermudo and Karlo. City Hall, New York City)

Talk about A transformation... Barbara Bermudo really turns from little girl next door, cute, innocent, lovely, " no rompo un plato," into a glamazon, a bombshell, a "is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just happy to see me," "se jodio la vajilla" kind of girl. No doubt that when she was selected by Univision to announce at City Hall, with Mayor Bloomberg, that the Latin Grammys were being held in the city of New York, they really had to think about the outfit she was going to wear. Actually, she did. Otherwise, Bloomberg might have instantly turned into a Viagra pill while chatting with Barbara Bermudo.

Barbara chose for the press conference a "La Perla" lace outfit, which I am not sure it served the purpose of keeping Mr. Bloomberg in a relaxed or flaccid state of mind. Not that the outfit was not "recatado" or the sort, but let's face it, lets be real guys and girls. This woman can simply be mummified by hundreds of yards of Abayas and she will still exude glamour and sensuality.

I'm sorry for those women that just don't have it, don't be jealous. Here is the deal. Practice. Uhum! The secret is for the sexiness and sensuality to become second nature, to become part of you. In this case, Barbarita was just born with it.

Oh Lord, did things pop that afternoon! Yes they did. You know, I was the usual fabulous makeup artiste, applying flawless, soft, demure, sexy, noble, enhancing, contouring makeup. But, I also had to quickly turn into La Perla's best seamstress ever, as one of the buttons from Barbara's lace top flew across City Hall revealing more than "I am very happy to announce that the Latin Grammy's will be held in the city of New York..." Thanks to grandma Felicita for teaching me how to "coser botones." Barbara, Univision, and Mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend thank you too :-)

Oh well, the event went on without any other mishaps. Barbara televised lovely, as usual, "todo en su sitio y recogido." The makeup read seamless on television as well as her outfit, and I imagine Mayor Bloomberg went home with a happy face and his heart pumping strong and ready to release the news to his girlfriend that New York City will be the home for the next Latin Grammy's. Uff! What a relief.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Want Her Genes...

(click on image to enlarge)

Beauty genes? Ask Dayanara Torres. If for a week I could have her genes I would do so much damage. I could own maybe a quarter of the world and be ha$$y ($=P, for those not so creative). She was in New York City for a press junket for My Network TV, who just signed her up for upcoming projects for the new network. You go Yari, as her dear friends and family call her.

Let me throw you some confessions of a make-up-artiste. She is looking more stunning than ever. Her skin is FLAWLESS, a make up artist's dream. Of course I asked her a few things, and she swears by a strict skin care routine. One idea I am going to steal from her is that while you are at home chilling, why not plaster yourself with your favorite moisturizer? Yep, who cares if you look like a Crisco ball, no one is watching and your skin will be drenching in good stuff. Good job Yari! I love the concept.

When I mentioned "stunning" in the last paragraph, I meant to make reference to more than just physical beauty. I sensed a more grounded Dayanara, focused, sure of herself, determined. Not that she has not been this way in the past, it's just I see more of it now. She seems to be "standing taller" and looking at the world from a power platform, and I know that doesn't come easy. It comes, and I say this from personal experience, from a lot of soul-searching, a lot of accepting of who you are, a lot of reality checks, and a lot of love for "me, myself and I". Don't know if this is her story, but where else can it come from? She looked absolutely GORGEOUS!

Well, and for Mom and Dad, thanks for the Beauty Genes.

I love 'ya' Yari.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Denise Quiñones. What a Beauty!

(click on any image to enlarge)

What a beauty Denise is. This is the original image that was used for the cover of "Revista Caras," which I produced in the city of New York, and I say beauty, because as you know, beauty gets delivered in many ways. In this particular case physical beauty is not questioned, actually beauty is not questioned at all, because Denise is a trooper when it comes to positive energy, bringing that aura everywhere she goes, but she also has a noble soul. I say all that, because she decided to do this photo-editorial for Caras the day after she arrived from Canada, after weeks of hard work while she tapped Smallville with Superman :-). She arrived on time at my friend Olivier's apartment on 56 Street, where we shot, and she stayed bubbly and happy all throughout our shoot. Mind, next day she was taking an early flight to "la-la Land," where she was to do nothing for the 2005-06 Holidays, and she had not packed. She needed a well deserved rest after all that kicking-flying-appear-and-disappear in the episode. You are SuperWoman girl!

Kentisha working an Alvin Valley

Sooo we did makeup, hair, styling, pulling, double-taping, sinching and un-sinching all day. Kentisha, the stylist, worked with all the "Valley's, Dell'Acqua's, Peña's, Nivelais' and Choo's." Justin Cruz, the hairdresser worked with silk all day, molding and adorning. Me, myself and I, Karlo, painted and painted, trying to give the camera a surface on where to shine and opaque, in order to create angles and ciaro-oscuros. Dean Everard and Katie Bleacher captured the hours of enhanced beauty created. It was so much fun... uhum!!!

My makeup mess!

Below: Denise and Justin Cruz (hair master)

Yeah, the fun ended when the magazine decided to publish this image as a February cover. This image was not supposed to be a February cover you know. I agreed to produce it only if we had some time to edit it after the Holidays, but no, by "obra y misericordia" of God, all of a sudden, they needed this image. I heard a "longaniza" of things: "La Ednita did not happen... It was a misunderstanding... The reporter did not communicate well"... blah blah blah. Hence, my Holidays were ruined, Dean and Katie went crazy in the Caribbean, and I almost got in jail for trespassing private property by trying to get into the photographers apartment in order to reach the files that contained Denise, hehehe. Poor girl, she was compressed amidst bills, dogs, other celebrities, agendas, and lots of music. But finally I got her, I found her, I sent her to Nabet, the finishing man (hey Nabet, update your site, c'mon, make it like you mean it, that way I can post it here), and as every job I take on, it was delivered safe and sound and we were all happy at the end.

And we lived happilly everafter...
Below: Dean Everard, Denise Quiñones, Karlo, Kentisha and Justin.

And at the end of the day, exhausted, the evening filled with champagne, cigar smoke... and a farewell in the making. Thanks.

Next, only if you wish, I will post "the products" I used on Denise. But only if I get enough "comments" posted by you, here below. Let me know if you really want it :-)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Hello from NYC...and Hip Hop

Mr. Robert Clivilles

Sooo, finally the MVP video is out and the new site is up and running. Here below is the original posting, the one that opened COMA. Check out the video by clicking the "video" icon on their website. Robert, Vice and Stagga, keep rocking! :-)

PS.: Most of the "takes" in the video are from the New York tapings, and hair guru Justin Cruz was the NYC hairdresser responsible for the looks. He busted his "derriere." You go Justin! He is at CUTLER/NYC, uptown.

Hello to you all and a big warm hug from the city of New York. COMA, Confessions of a Makeup Aritste, will begin to post today, September 22, 2005. News, incidents and accidents on the fashion and beauty world will be documented and gossimented on COMA, as experienced by "moi."

Keep an eye on the upcoming MVP video (www.mostvaluableplayas.com) taped in LA and NY. Robert Clivilles, Vice and Stagga rocked the house. We had a great time with all the extras and the mayhem...

•There was a scissor thief. The hairdresser's and mine disappeared.
•VICE was injected in the emergency room, a scene out of a David LaChapelle book, I can just see it.
MS. LARACUENTE, stylist to the stars, had to call "Armour Services" to keep the clothes from growing "patas" (legs). What a hard-working woman!
•MARIMERCE, producer, style director and friend; I really don't know if she ever saw us. Were you with us Marimerce? Did you see us in LA?
•MakeUp magician JAVIER ROMERO and I went shopping and we "defalcated" (look this one up in a local dictionary in Guayama) Nordstrom Rack. There were "puyas," sneakers, cowboy shirts, Gucci glasses, or at least they looked it (right William?)
•And last but not least, we walked, crossed streets (walking), took pictures of our convertible Ferrari in Beverly Hills, hence, we were the weirdest people on the planet.

We really had a great time, until I left a suitcase filled with makeup on the sidewalk at the LA airport. Nonetheless, it contained the makeup for the Miguel Peña show I was to direct the next day at the tents in New York City. I finally got it, with a few fake eyelashes and a pair of scissors missing . There must be someone at the airport looking very Lady Bunny and stabbing people.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Merrell goes around the globe...

With an international campaign trotting around the world, Merrell taps the jet-set's visual field everywhere, as it's major advertising hits the globe. I'll be posting some in-the-making-having-fun images on the new Merrell (www.merrell.com) campaign soon, international and domestic (US). The campaign has been shot by uberPhotographer Larry Bartholomew. How refreshing to meet real people... and talented, like Larry!

I will post stuff after the campaign has been released. Also, my pooch Domenico makes it in the advertising.

See you soon, Karlo.

And as promised, here are some of the images for the international campaign!

It's definitely fun to work with such a lovely and cool crowd, but mostly talented people. Thanks Larry, Nate, and Christian! Thanks JDK! Thanks Nancy! Un beso, Karlo!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


"It's not that I don't want to know you, although I don't, it's just that I am afraid we're not really the sort of people that you can afford to be associated with. Don't speak... just... go."

Monday, March 06, 2006

La Lopez is Back...

Yes, I've been known to be pretty blunt, and most of all sincere, which some people do NOT fancy. Hey, I've had brushes with denial and it's not pretty. Hence, the more grounded I am the better for "moi," and in the long run... for others too. You've seen postings, links and magazine articles with "Karlo quotes," some of those quotes were published and posted during my three- month gig as a "Beauty Editor," which ended when the character that "owned" the magazine disappeared. Imagine I would have been there longer, watch out Anna! LOL!

But talking about quotes, the most popular was the "J-Lo Glow." It originated with an article that dear friend Karen Robinovitz wrote for Fashion Wire Daily. It's about "La Lopez," the unfortunate mishap with artist Scott Barnes, and the direct impact it had on her appearance. It talks about "La Lopez," whom I've admired, but also suffered vicariously through her up and downs, people's comments, and not-so-good collective thinking in regard to some of her past choices. You can still find some of my quotes online concerning that article: 1, 2. , but the original is not available online anymore.

Alright, lets get back to "La Lopez," because she has reclaimed the "Glow," or at least makeup-wise, and hopefully these are signs of things to come... back.
She looked stunning at the Oscars, with a Jean Dessès vintage dress that she got at Lily et Cie and jewels by Fred Leighton. The "raccoon eyes" were not to be found; the "glow," her flawless skin ,her elegance, the big eyes and eyelashes were back. Her slick hair, the choice of elegant dresses and her high forehead have resurfaced, very Ursula Andres, sooo sexy. I'm so happy to see BEAUTY, reclaimed.

ReActions from net friends:
MR: She probably sent her assistant to buy some "Body Bling" from sephora! LoL But she did look stunning at the Oscars, as well as the Dolce and Gabbana show last week. Its about time!! Welcome back JLO!!

DD: i actually found that the camaera didn't do her makeup justice... she looked like she had too much makeup. but she did look regal in that dress!!!

AV: She does look amazing, as always... as she is so amazing as a being!!!

CH: i loved it! oh my, that dress is BEAUTIFUL!

DL: Sorry, I hated her makeup,, give me back those mink eyelashes from a few years back anyday.

PR: Hola! She really looked great! That was my favorite dress of the Oscar's.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


"Lice (Pediculus capitis) are small parasitic insects exquisitely adapted to living mainly on the scalp and neck hairs of their human host. Their six impressive legs are elegantly evolved to grasp hair shafts and provide a striking example of biological specialization. Long associated with people, head lice have been recovered from prehistoric mummies. Head lice are equal opportunity parasites; they do not respect socio-economic class distinctions."

Yes, lies do the same thing but on your brain. They grasp on your
thoughts and are difficult to remove once adopted by your consciousness, and require some homework on your behalf in order to decode the different components that makeup the lie. The task of disecting the lie can sometimes hurt a friend, sever business
relationships, but above all lies are mockery to your intelligence.
Lies, like lice, have been around for a long time and "do not respect
socio-economic class distinctions."

Well, you must be questioning why I'm writing these lines about lice,
lies… As a beauty editor and makeup artiste, one of my biggest
responsibility is to inform you of what I consider 'the best'
products on the market. Sometimes on the basis of best price,
performance, ingredients, or simply a good product overall. I can
assure you, I will not review, recommend or nix a product if I have
not tried it on myself, EVER! (Yes, I do test girly makeup on myself;
I'll post a picture soon.) So, feel confident about my edits, upon my personal experiences with them (products) I report to you, and if you have a question, e-mail me. But to finish this bullet-like entry
on this blog, let me throw some "Confessions Of a Make Artiste" about
what have stirred my intestines when it comes to lies.

Lice right on your face: The "Magno Huevo de Oro" is given to an
article that was written by Mari Rodriguez Ichaso in Spanish Bazaar
about 'moi'. Mari is a wonderful and intelligent woman, pretty
'conocedora' of the know, and I appreciate the intention and the free
press, but this boo-boo was a magnum one. I do not know if the
intention came from an ex-agent at Halley Resources, whose boyfriend's makeup images where posted on the article that talks about MY makeup. All the images were supplied by the agent to Mari, so there you go, figure that one out. An article about Monet with paintings by "Juan del Pueblo." Nice! Not that I am comparing myself with Mr. Monet, but you know what I mean.

Then, THEN, the article states that, and I translate: "Karlo, who
learned much of his techniques from photographer Leonardo de Vega…"
WHO? Leonardo WHO? Come on, I know Mr. Vega was a known makeup artiste-turned-photographer in the times of Studio 54, when everything was dusty-white, hence hyper, but I have not learned a "pepino" from him. I have no idea where this came from, no idea, but this is one of the biggest lies printed in the history of written articles about Karlo. Most of what I know today came from my mother and the rest is self-taught. Yes, this one was a major 'tripa' twister.

On the other side of lies, you have paraphrasing, yes, that horrible
technique often used by editors in which sometimes the message gets
distorted. Among recent ones is the one published in an article about
Karlo in Caras Magazine. The article digs deep into what has shape me
into a beauty lover. I talk about my mother of course, and an evil
family member she guarded me from. I narrate how malevolence and
debauchery was masked by sainthood. The latter was never quoted:
"Sometimes I think my mother guarded, forged, a niche called beauty.
It was a fortress against the ugliness that slaughtered our family
nucleus, that ugliness was masked by sainthood, and shared a common
lineage, our own blood."

So don't be fooled by lies, lice… Ask questions, seek the truth, and clean your sheets often. Remember, they "do not respect socio-economic class distinctions."


Friday, January 13, 2006

A Beauty Full Evening...

(Above: Marie-Laure Fournier and Gwen Flamberg, Beauty Director of Fitness Magazine)

On the evening before Christmas Day, Marie-Laure Fournier, of Fournier Communications, decided to invite a few close friends for a warm and cozy Christmas dinner. These friends, her friends, were a crowd of Beautiful People. This was not exactly a crowd from the 1960's, were the term Beautiful People referred to the musicians, actors and celebrities of the Californian "Flower Power." Rather, this was a 2006 crowd certainly familiar with the history of that era; "Baby You're a Rich Man", from the Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour album in which they make reference to "beautiful people". This was a crowd of visionaries, smart intelligent women and men that envelope beauty every day. A crowd that take pride on the notion that they give beauty direction, globally! They are above all, people... Beauty-Full People.

When in Vogue, do as Voguers do, hence... Above: Sarah Brown, Beauty Editor of Vogue and Karlo, MakeUp Artiste. Left to right: Sarah in Marc Jacobs blue silk ruffled top and Karlo in dark navy tailored pinstripe jacket by Moschino, sky blue long-sleeve cuffed shirt by Mugler, and jeans by Dirk Bikkembergs. Cufflinks by Swarovski. Hehehe.

Alright, back at this article and the beauty of that evening. As I mentioned before, Marie-Laure Fournier gave such a lovely dinner where gifts were exchanged... and talking about gifts, it was so hard for me to find gifts for people that have almost everything. Well, thanks to the suggestion of my friend Patrice Braccialli of Francesco Smalto, I arrived at La Maison du Chocolat, and so I went the route of decadence. Chocolat for everyone.

And between champagne and cocoa we chatted, and the most lovely conversation surfaced. Sarah spoke about her job, her position, Vogue, and I went into catharsis. After the conversation she was having with Marie-Laure, in which I was just a receiver of that exchange, I felt so good about myself. She reiterated what I've always thought, how I've always felt. I don't have to accept mediocrity because otherwise I am not "nice." I choose excellence, because I am excellent, and I would not do it any other way. Perfectionist? Maybe. Perfect? I don't think so. Am I a good person? Hell I am. Am I "not nice"? Maybe, if you think I would fall for mediocrity.

Thanks Marie-Laure, thanks Sarah. Thank you for sharing.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Give Heat...

...herette a round of applause for giving, so far, the best "Fashion Week" parteeh at Happy Valley with Susanne Bartsch, Richie Rich, Traver Rains, Kenny Kenny, The Trinity and Amanda Lepore. There was, well, the usual, decadence, beauty, glory, dancing, alcohol... red balloons filled with cashola and images galore. So, out of all the options I decided to capture some of the evening crotches and my favorite beautiful people. Yeah, some of them off-the-hook, but hilarious. Thanks for watching.

My favorite couple: Clara del Villar and Captain Tennille :-)

The Dynamic Trio: Karlo, Javier Romero and Clara del Villar. Javier, thanks for collecting 3 invitations to the event. Love ya!

"Moi" and Amanda Lepore. Amanda, I want your skin! So soft and plump, boing boing!

crotch (krch)
The angle or region of the angle formed by the junction of two parts or members, such as two branches or legs.

And the "Crotch Of The Evening" Award goes to...
(The subjects herein are imaginary, any resemblance to your crotch is merely a coincidence)

Well, some of them fall into another category... Did you decide who the winner is?

Javier Romero took this picture of my mother on my sweet sixteen party. I've told you many times she has always been my inspiration.

Cowboy and Cowboy

Faces and more lovely faces. Know who they are?

Love hiiirrrrr!

And you thought who the "Tres Reyes Magos" (Three Wise Men) were... well, think again. Here's one of them.

Sarah Jessica Parker? Answer the freaking phone and stop posing! It's your agent!

Rent her to give your mother-in-law a heart attack when she comes from church at 1:00 in the morning.

And balloons were dropped on the dance floor, filled with 1, 10 and 20 dollar bills, courtesy of MIDORI.
Again, thanks for watching and I hope to see you soon. Thanks to all the lovely artists that embellished the evening of Heatherette with BEAUTY.