Tuesday, November 07, 2006

They Came "Amazonicas"...

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Yes, there were a few "Amazonicas," as Rene Perez of Calle 13 would say, at the Latin Grammys. I definitely saw "street fighters," "enciclopedias," "intelectuales," and the ones that looked like "machina de feria" spinning very hard, back to back, up and down and even singing the carousel song ...ñoo! But, as my mother would say: "para los gustos los colores" (to each it's own). And talking of color... ladies!!! Pleeease come on, once in a while pick up a copy of Vogue, "W," Bazaar or Allure in order to keep your color gamut in check. Probably the best $3.99 ever invested.

Uhum! Here's to all the "machinas de feria" (amusement attractions, well, in this case, more like freak attactions): We are in Fall. This is New York, the capital of the world. Hence, one of the capitals of fashion, beauty... you name it. You know all eyes were going to be on you. Keep at bay the beauty and fashion "faux-pauxs". Hire a stylist, a hairdresser, a makeup artist! You are a product, and that product better look good on the shelf, otherwise it's not going to be picked up, nor get the attention...simply ignored and end up at the .99 cent store "super venta del pasillo."

They all want to look "Hollywood level," as Mauricio Zeilic mentioned in "Cotorreando," but they do not want to pay the cashola $$$, and I second that fact. Ladies, follow the steps of Salma Hayek, Jeniffer Lopez and from my personal experience/knowledge: Roselyn Sanchez, Dayanara Torres, Ednita Nazario, Ivana Trump, Molly Ringwall, Barbara Bermudo, Giselle Blondet and Adamaris Lopez to name a few. Yes, they all have a budget for their artists... and give them the star treatment they deserve. (Psst!, btw, the ones on the segment "Celebities on Crack", are the ones that refuse the services por "codua(o)s" or stingy.)

"Pero" in regards to the latter second paragraph and the subject of "ignore", lets do that and lets focus on the "Amazonicas." On the ones that know "karate," cook with "salsa de tomate," and "mojan el arroz con un poco de aguacate."

Denise Quiñones right before the Green Carpet @ The Grammys.
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Denise Quiñones (above) is wearing: Dress by Ecliptica, jewelry by David Yurman, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti, and makeup by ME :-) The woman responsible for putting the whole outfit together, who is the stylist, is my friend Johanna Laracuente, whom I will keep recommending as she is a talented sweetheart.

Below, a close look right before getting dressed.
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Makeup tips on the image above:

Lips: Cover the entire lips with Shu Uemura lip liner #310 and go over the entire lip area with Make Up For Ever's "Fascinating Lip Gloss" in Pearly Beige.

Eyes: Eyeline on the outer edges only with Make Up For Ever's "Eye Contours" eye pencil in "dark green #01." Then apply an iridescent brownish eyeshadow on the lid, like MAC's "Sable":

follow with individual eyelashes, MAC Eye Shadow in "Greensmoke" on the outer edges;
and finalize with mascara and a dose of Rene Perez from Calle 13...

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Above: Rene Perez from Calle 13 wears Carlos Campos.

Thanks for reading and beautifying the world.- Karlo


Miguel Pena said...

Great article Karlo lets make it mandatory to read for the next Green Carpet event!!

Javier said...

Solo me queda decir que 100pre te das una arrastrada que me deja OVAHHH!!!
Miss Thing!

mariloler said...

Good morning! I had a nice laugh, as always, with your blog. I hope you don´t forget about us during Christmas, while you are indulging in 'arroz con gandules', and give us a few more tips for the important Holiday parties! Who ever said "Tis the season to be jolly"? I'd say 'Tis the season to be striking´!!! So we'll stay put for your net words of wisdom! Besos navideños, Lole

Anonymous said...

un trabajo espectácular...mucho arte!