Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Want Her Genes...

(click on image to enlarge)

Beauty genes? Ask Dayanara Torres. If for a week I could have her genes I would do so much damage. I could own maybe a quarter of the world and be ha$$y ($=P, for those not so creative). She was in New York City for a press junket for My Network TV, who just signed her up for upcoming projects for the new network. You go Yari, as her dear friends and family call her.

Let me throw you some confessions of a make-up-artiste. She is looking more stunning than ever. Her skin is FLAWLESS, a make up artist's dream. Of course I asked her a few things, and she swears by a strict skin care routine. One idea I am going to steal from her is that while you are at home chilling, why not plaster yourself with your favorite moisturizer? Yep, who cares if you look like a Crisco ball, no one is watching and your skin will be drenching in good stuff. Good job Yari! I love the concept.

When I mentioned "stunning" in the last paragraph, I meant to make reference to more than just physical beauty. I sensed a more grounded Dayanara, focused, sure of herself, determined. Not that she has not been this way in the past, it's just I see more of it now. She seems to be "standing taller" and looking at the world from a power platform, and I know that doesn't come easy. It comes, and I say this from personal experience, from a lot of soul-searching, a lot of accepting of who you are, a lot of reality checks, and a lot of love for "me, myself and I". Don't know if this is her story, but where else can it come from? She looked absolutely GORGEOUS!

Well, and for Mom and Dad, thanks for the Beauty Genes.

I love 'ya' Yari.