Monday, March 27, 2006

Hello from NYC...and Hip Hop

Mr. Robert Clivilles

Sooo, finally the MVP video is out and the new site is up and running. Here below is the original posting, the one that opened COMA. Check out the video by clicking the "video" icon on their website. Robert, Vice and Stagga, keep rocking! :-)

PS.: Most of the "takes" in the video are from the New York tapings, and hair guru Justin Cruz was the NYC hairdresser responsible for the looks. He busted his "derriere." You go Justin! He is at CUTLER/NYC, uptown.

Hello to you all and a big warm hug from the city of New York. COMA, Confessions of a Makeup Aritste, will begin to post today, September 22, 2005. News, incidents and accidents on the fashion and beauty world will be documented and gossimented on COMA, as experienced by "moi."

Keep an eye on the upcoming MVP video ( taped in LA and NY. Robert Clivilles, Vice and Stagga rocked the house. We had a great time with all the extras and the mayhem...

•There was a scissor thief. The hairdresser's and mine disappeared.
•VICE was injected in the emergency room, a scene out of a David LaChapelle book, I can just see it.
MS. LARACUENTE, stylist to the stars, had to call "Armour Services" to keep the clothes from growing "patas" (legs). What a hard-working woman!
•MARIMERCE, producer, style director and friend; I really don't know if she ever saw us. Were you with us Marimerce? Did you see us in LA?
•MakeUp magician JAVIER ROMERO and I went shopping and we "defalcated" (look this one up in a local dictionary in Guayama) Nordstrom Rack. There were "puyas," sneakers, cowboy shirts, Gucci glasses, or at least they looked it (right William?)
•And last but not least, we walked, crossed streets (walking), took pictures of our convertible Ferrari in Beverly Hills, hence, we were the weirdest people on the planet.

We really had a great time, until I left a suitcase filled with makeup on the sidewalk at the LA airport. Nonetheless, it contained the makeup for the Miguel Peña show I was to direct the next day at the tents in New York City. I finally got it, with a few fake eyelashes and a pair of scissors missing . There must be someone at the airport looking very Lady Bunny and stabbing people.


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