Monday, March 06, 2006

La Lopez is Back...

Yes, I've been known to be pretty blunt, and most of all sincere, which some people do NOT fancy. Hey, I've had brushes with denial and it's not pretty. Hence, the more grounded I am the better for "moi," and in the long run... for others too. You've seen postings, links and magazine articles with "Karlo quotes," some of those quotes were published and posted during my three- month gig as a "Beauty Editor," which ended when the character that "owned" the magazine disappeared. Imagine I would have been there longer, watch out Anna! LOL!

But talking about quotes, the most popular was the "J-Lo Glow." It originated with an article that dear friend Karen Robinovitz wrote for Fashion Wire Daily. It's about "La Lopez," the unfortunate mishap with artist Scott Barnes, and the direct impact it had on her appearance. It talks about "La Lopez," whom I've admired, but also suffered vicariously through her up and downs, people's comments, and not-so-good collective thinking in regard to some of her past choices. You can still find some of my quotes online concerning that article: 1, 2. , but the original is not available online anymore.

Alright, lets get back to "La Lopez," because she has reclaimed the "Glow," or at least makeup-wise, and hopefully these are signs of things to come... back.
She looked stunning at the Oscars, with a Jean Dessès vintage dress that she got at Lily et Cie and jewels by Fred Leighton. The "raccoon eyes" were not to be found; the "glow," her flawless skin ,her elegance, the big eyes and eyelashes were back. Her slick hair, the choice of elegant dresses and her high forehead have resurfaced, very Ursula Andres, sooo sexy. I'm so happy to see BEAUTY, reclaimed.

ReActions from net friends:
MR: She probably sent her assistant to buy some "Body Bling" from sephora! LoL But she did look stunning at the Oscars, as well as the Dolce and Gabbana show last week. Its about time!! Welcome back JLO!!

DD: i actually found that the camaera didn't do her makeup justice... she looked like she had too much makeup. but she did look regal in that dress!!!

AV: She does look amazing, as always... as she is so amazing as a being!!!

CH: i loved it! oh my, that dress is BEAUTIFUL!

DL: Sorry, I hated her makeup,, give me back those mink eyelashes from a few years back anyday.

PR: Hola! She really looked great! That was my favorite dress of the Oscar's.

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mariloler said...

Hi Karlo! My name is Mari-lole Ramírez and I am Arlene Shapiro´s niece. I live in Madrid and your blog always brings me back to the fashion environment in the States, keeping me in touch with the celebrities, looks and hot spots of the moment. I just read "La Lopez is back..." and I feel the same way. She fluctuates between stages and luckily, she will remain on this good one for some time. However, I can´t resist writing up this quote I read yesterday on a local paper commenting on the stars at the Oscar´s Red Carpet: "JENNIFER LOPEZ: Ella es 'from the block'. ¿Recuerdan? Allí todos llevan 'chiffon' verde y pedruscos como estos. A su marido, Marc 'diminuto' Anthony, lo lleva en el bolso." I had a quick laugh with this! I will await upcoming blog entries. Un saludo desde Madrid, Lole