Thursday, February 09, 2006


"Lice (Pediculus capitis) are small parasitic insects exquisitely adapted to living mainly on the scalp and neck hairs of their human host. Their six impressive legs are elegantly evolved to grasp hair shafts and provide a striking example of biological specialization. Long associated with people, head lice have been recovered from prehistoric mummies. Head lice are equal opportunity parasites; they do not respect socio-economic class distinctions."

Yes, lies do the same thing but on your brain. They grasp on your
thoughts and are difficult to remove once adopted by your consciousness, and require some homework on your behalf in order to decode the different components that makeup the lie. The task of disecting the lie can sometimes hurt a friend, sever business
relationships, but above all lies are mockery to your intelligence.
Lies, like lice, have been around for a long time and "do not respect
socio-economic class distinctions."

Well, you must be questioning why I'm writing these lines about lice,
lies… As a beauty editor and makeup artiste, one of my biggest
responsibility is to inform you of what I consider 'the best'
products on the market. Sometimes on the basis of best price,
performance, ingredients, or simply a good product overall. I can
assure you, I will not review, recommend or nix a product if I have
not tried it on myself, EVER! (Yes, I do test girly makeup on myself;
I'll post a picture soon.) So, feel confident about my edits, upon my personal experiences with them (products) I report to you, and if you have a question, e-mail me. But to finish this bullet-like entry
on this blog, let me throw some "Confessions Of a Make Artiste" about
what have stirred my intestines when it comes to lies.

Lice right on your face: The "Magno Huevo de Oro" is given to an
article that was written by Mari Rodriguez Ichaso in Spanish Bazaar
about 'moi'. Mari is a wonderful and intelligent woman, pretty
'conocedora' of the know, and I appreciate the intention and the free
press, but this boo-boo was a magnum one. I do not know if the
intention came from an ex-agent at Halley Resources, whose boyfriend's makeup images where posted on the article that talks about MY makeup. All the images were supplied by the agent to Mari, so there you go, figure that one out. An article about Monet with paintings by "Juan del Pueblo." Nice! Not that I am comparing myself with Mr. Monet, but you know what I mean.

Then, THEN, the article states that, and I translate: "Karlo, who
learned much of his techniques from photographer Leonardo de Vega…"
WHO? Leonardo WHO? Come on, I know Mr. Vega was a known makeup artiste-turned-photographer in the times of Studio 54, when everything was dusty-white, hence hyper, but I have not learned a "pepino" from him. I have no idea where this came from, no idea, but this is one of the biggest lies printed in the history of written articles about Karlo. Most of what I know today came from my mother and the rest is self-taught. Yes, this one was a major 'tripa' twister.

On the other side of lies, you have paraphrasing, yes, that horrible
technique often used by editors in which sometimes the message gets
distorted. Among recent ones is the one published in an article about
Karlo in Caras Magazine. The article digs deep into what has shape me
into a beauty lover. I talk about my mother of course, and an evil
family member she guarded me from. I narrate how malevolence and
debauchery was masked by sainthood. The latter was never quoted:
"Sometimes I think my mother guarded, forged, a niche called beauty.
It was a fortress against the ugliness that slaughtered our family
nucleus, that ugliness was masked by sainthood, and shared a common
lineage, our own blood."

So don't be fooled by lies, lice… Ask questions, seek the truth, and clean your sheets often. Remember, they "do not respect socio-economic class distinctions."


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