Monday, October 24, 2005

Where is the MEAT?

Robert Bryan from The New York Times calls, I think is for another trip to Brazil or something, but no... he is referring me to Ansgar, this German photographer that is looking for a "crazy" make up artist for an editorial for Style International Magazine. Style what?!?! Alright, for Mr. Bryan, anything. After all these 10-something years of relationship I can't say no, he is one of my idols; a freaking encyclopedia of fashion, history and architecture. And afterall, this guy, Ansgar, must have a good eye if he's recommended by "The Times."

The question was: Was I good enough for him? LOL. Well, he was looking for some extreme ("crazy") makeup for a guy, and Robert knows me very well, I'm known for being highly creative with a strong sense of balance. So here are some of the takes. Ansgar was fabulous, talented and knew exactly what he wanted. Once the entire editorial comes out I wil post more.

Where's the MEAT?

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