Monday, December 12, 2005

Washingtonians get some style...

"I get out here, Buenos Aires
Stand back, you oughta know whatcha gonna get in me
Just a little touch of star quality" - Madonna playing Evita Peron in Evita.

And so the story goes, Simon Alcantara and I, Karlo, were invited by Arlene Ramirez-Shapiro and the Dominican Embassy in Washington DC to share a little bit of star quality with the fabulous women of Washington DC. And so we did.

Arlene Ramirez- Shapiro, Steve Shapiro and Shelby Shapiro Ramirez, opened their lovely home to the women and men of Washington DC for a day of style and an evening of stars.

Upon arrival, Arlene and Steve greeted us with wonderful Sushi and Champagne. It was nice to see Arlene and Steve again, in their new beautiful home. Arlene, of course, has not changed, she was her funny, classy, enchanting and nonchalant self. Steve, Arlene's husband, hasn't changed much either, very polite, a gentleman in many ways. It was hilarious to see him having a major laugh the evening we arrived in Washington DC. The cause for his laugh attack? My reaction to some news I had just learned about the "beauty makeover" for next day, but also making fun of Arlene. I won't go into details about that evening, but I am glad he had so much fun upon our frustration, lol.

Shelby, their daughter, was almost oblivious to our presence, as she had to go to school. I missed her. We did see her though, as she walked down the grand staircase in the middle of the night, with a fabulous night gown and the hair all stylishly disheveled to tell us that the music was too loud and she could not sleep. UPPS! Sorry Shelby, next time we'll be less noisy. She is so adorable, mind you, this angel is only 7 years old.

Simon Alcantara's collection was so sublime, so elegant, so Simon. Women were in their playground; trying, playing, sticking their necks out, raising brows in front of the mirror and posing for the cameras as they adorned themselves in Alcantara's. Talk about bling-bling, it was bling galore, everyone really sparkled as jewels and champagne traveled across the rooms.

The Shapiro-Ramirez dining room was the perfect set up for Alcantara's jewelry presentation.

My beauty chat was an eye opener for me; women really love beauty, history and any scientific information that fuels their knowledge about the power of beauty and beautiful people. I spoke about makeup, and how it can enhance facial symmetry; a natural phenomenon that catches everyone's attention, including one-year-old babies. Beauty is definitely beyond skin deep; the qualities we find alluring in physical beauty may be powerful emblems of health, fertility and resistance to disease. It goes back to Natural Selection. We sometimes work with beauty by enhancing our appearance, challenging our genetic makeup... and all I could see were staring eyes!
Talking about beauty, Rita Castillo (above) was the volunteer for the "basic beauty" makeover. I was lucky to have such a lovely face, beautiful skin and sweet smile. We went out, bought some makeup, and enhanced her beauty while the other voyeurs listened to my chat and followed every single step of the makeup application.

We had so much fun at the chat, especially when some Talika's Eye Decompress were given out to the attendees, courtesy of my friend Marie-Laure Fournier, of Fournier Communications. Thanks Marie-Laure! Women were impressed by the efficacy and growing magic of Talika's mask. When you drop the white 'pastille' into the blue liquid compartment it tenfolds into a full eye mask. Ladies, never underestimate what the naked eye can't see. There are few surprises in this world.

Well, I could probably have extended the chat for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Answering questions and giving out more personal tips, but it was time to get home and bring out our YSL's, Givenchy's, Chanel's, Moschino's, Dior's, Bentley's and LV's for a star-studded evening. What a swell!

All the recipients of the Talika Eye Decompress came back for the evening event with a spark in their eyes, with a smile on their face. What a few minutes of distress and tenfolding can do.
I have to say that most of the women's makeup that day was pretty good. Some eyebrows were a tiny bit strong, and some had to be cleaned up, but overall, they all have a good mirror at home, and they understand that DENIAL is not only a river that runs through Egypt.

Above (left to right): Ana Alcover, Karlo, Simon Alcantara, Virgnia Esposito, Arlene Ramirez-Shapiro and Rita Castillo.

Right: Rhona Wolfe Friedman a wonderful Decorative Art Historian and Real Estate Agent with Hostess with the Mostess, Arlene Ramirez-Shapiro.

Right: Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the United States of America, Flavio Dario Espinal and his wife Mrs. Minerva del Risco.

In the end, we all enjoyed two wonderful days in Washington DC. Arlene, Steve and Shelby were wonderful hosts and we thank them.

On the way back to the city that never sleeps, Simon and I shared wonderful life stories, became more acquainted with each other, and missed the Tyra Banks Show where Tyra had Naomi Campbell as a guest.

I'm just happy Campbell is not a Washingtonian. I have never done her makeup, nor I ever want to do it. I know my temper, she would have turned out something like this. But then again, never say nevah.

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