Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Boiled Egg, a Cup of Coffee and Despierta America

Yes, the Despierta America beauty segment in relation to the Grammys finally came out and "bingo"! Exactly what I expected. I saw a hungry-low-sugar-level Karlo in front of the cameras. LOL. Alright, it's my fault because when in hectic mode I just forget to eat.

A boiled egg and a cup of coffee laid in my stomach since 7:00 in the morning. We tapped the segment at 2:30 PM. I'm surprised the models did not turned out like Frankenstein's bride (on drugs), and I was able to maintain my composure. But the repercussion of starving turned into lovely visual effects... I rolled my eyes, forgot names and things did not flow smoothly, verbally speaking. I think.

Oh well, friends and family were happy to see me, and they all thought I was excellent and delivered my beauty mesasge loud and clear: EAT!

Filmed at my favorite makeup store: Make Up For Ever.
Hair by Liz @ Jeffrey Stein: 3rd Avenue between 43 & 44 street, New York, NY. 212-557-0005

Here are the before and after images they did not aired. I think they are great considering they are "regular" people.
Enjoy and post some comments. Love, Karlo.



I call this a "Kevinacuanaso." Too bad he's gone.



I'm still hungry.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Neurological Recalls and Bronzer

(Isa, under the influence of Pablo's magical refracting visuals at Nacotheque)

Sounds of music, peoples' glances, images of passion above, "que Dior los cria y ellos se juntan," and a dose of one of the most powerful components of memory: "retrieval (recall)."

(Marcelo Cunning of Nacotheque. Curator, "Defensor de la Cultura.")

His communal dosages are almost weekly and his guest DJ's are guaranteed to give you a Camilo Sesto, Soda Stereo, Menudo, Instituto Mexicano del Sonido , Los Amigos Invicibles, Cafe Tacuba, Xuxa or Circo "high." Re-mixed to the 2000's or original.

(L to R: If anyone knows her name email me, Nacotheque's evening guest Fofe, of Circo, and a simple voyeur, Karlo)

(Designers Isa and Miguel Peña a-la-Camilo Sesto)

And for Marcelo:
"Without a song or a dance what are we?"

Psst! Yes, I'm addicted to bronzer. My favorites? Dior & JeanPaul Gaultier's
Confessions Of a Makeup Artiste!