Thursday, February 15, 2007

Male Beauty...

Above: Michal Kuras from Red Models/ NYC. One of the models at Sergio's Show

Sergio Davila Fashion Show Fall 2007 (making of, models...)

Sergio Davila poured all the love and care for his 2007 Fall/Winter Collection.
It was a blast, it was awesome. Keep it up Sergio!

**Photographers and makeup assistants fell in love with this guy (first in line)

**Strong design and strong faces as well...

**The whole look is just to throw it in front of the fireplace, model included.
Champagne please!

Yes, and you thought looking flawless took a minute, think again.
When it came to grooming (face), we did lots of layers for the guys. Shimmer, glued eyebrows, tinted lips, mascara at the base of the lashes, and more shimmer/moisturizer... and more shimmer. It's not easy being handsome, at least not in front of the cameras. The poor guys must have thought we were turning them into drag-queens just by the tactile sensation of our hands massaging so much product into their "visages", but no, handsome men they are, and handsome FLAWLESS men they turned down the runway. The trick? Let the skin soak all that pigment without leaving an inch of product into their faces. Do not use brushes my dears, do not, use your fingers all the time. And remember, in the book of etiquette you are allowed to use your fingers at the table if you are eating chicken, only chicken.
Below, one of my favorite models: Zamir. I knew it from the beginning, there had to be a mix in there, sure enough, half Algerian and half Dominican. What a face!
He's at Boss Models.
*Click on the image to enlarge :-)

*Below, setting eyebrows...

*Below, Antonio, the hair guru hands-on...
"the hair is reminiscent of Roman flows, soft, romantic... moments of decadence..."- Antonio.

*Mayhem and ready to roll...

*Below, guests du-jour Javier Boné and Justino del Casar (Tino)...

Thanks for watching my voyeurs... and reading.
Kisses, Karlo.

*Images by Javier Romero.
**Images by Marco Gandolfo.

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