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Back to Fashon Guik. Spring/Summer 2008 Collections

(The model Omahyra after a makeup test I did for the Carlos Campos show)

Yes, it's been a while after September 11, 2001 when I started getting panic attacks and did not feel comfortable in enclosed areas like The Tents at Bryant Park, where most of the New York Fashion shows take place...

So, little by little with the help of Xanax, Champagne and Tequila, of course, not taken simultaneously, you get back to "normal," if "normal" I can ever be. To this concoction add a little bit of healing time and... you can now take the subway, go over bridges, be comfortable in high-rise buildings and, sort of, enjoy flying once again without slapping a few flight attendants and getting kicked out of the freaking plane a-la Zuleyka Rivera. Hence, your life gets back to business and you start finding the pieces of the puzzle you were missing.

This season for the Spring/Summer 2008 Men's/Women's Collections I'm happy! You have to understand that I love the creative process you go through in order to mold a look that will fit, flawlessly, the designer's concept for that specific season;
the message he or she wants to communicate to all the fashion editors, thus giving "la moda" and beauty direction. I have to tell you that I thrive in the backstage mayhem as I feel the people and their energy. Then, at some point between prepping backstage and having the first model in the chair, tunnel-vision sets in order to deliver my product "perfectamente" and have all the models ready 15 minutes before the show starts. You can't stop me.

Here are excerpts from the press-release. I'll give you some fun images after the shows!

Carlos Campos*:
For Carlos Campos, Karlo has designed a fresh sun-kissed face reminiscent of the aristocracy that sailed off the coast of Acapulco, Palm Beach, St. Tropez and Portofino in the 80's, where they inevitably glamorized their faces for nightlife celebration. Decked out men, super-chic women. Omahyra will embody all the glamour.

(Omahyra after makeup at Carlos Campos show. Spring/Summer 2008)

(Me, myself and I in all-action @ Carlos Campos Show. My fake tan and full lips worked! LOL! Thanks WireIMAGE!)

(Carlos Campos final look @ the runway.)
Click on images to enlarge!

Sergio Davila: Karlo has chosen "a new country club man" theme for Sergio Davila's "Soho club meets Havana club" inspiration for his Spring 2008 men's collection. "…it's a 2008 approach to it, we DO NOT bake under the sun anymore. Today's man is aware of the cumulative negative effects of the sun on our skin… but he still likes to play, under the sun."

(I meant (in the video) the look was "when you blush kind of deal, when you get that blood rush to your face, the Prince Harry look, LOL!)

Keith Michael*: Keith Michael's show is about timeless beauty. Barbie doll lips, beautiful eyes a-la Twiggy and flawless porcelain skin. "Keith collection portrays to me the ultimate sheltered girl, sweet, beautiful, romantic, educated… she's the Grace Kelly all women want to be," Karlo comments.

(America's Next Top Model Melrose for the Keith Michael hair and makeup test. This is the final look!)

See you all soon, maybe backstage, and thanks for reading.

* Makeup sponsored by Borghese.

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