Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anna Sui...

I wish I had a portable wind machine, girl was baking in those 60's Anna Sui's.

...her fall shoe campaign and some.

Anyone who is not from New York City loves to get iconic imagery in their photos when they are in The Big Apple, like 'cabs', street names that identify they are in NYC, herds of people, especially on the "L" train in the morning, etc. That is, of course, contrary to the local mindset of oblivion towards the everyday-life staples like 'cabs', tourists, messengers on bikes, and the subway and it's 'people crunching' to name a few. But hey, we, the city dwellers, have to admit that we live in one of the most amazing cities in the world and sometimes, with our blindfolds, we just simply ignore it while on our way out of our four walls we sip on coffee, listen to our IPod, make the to-do list... of the month, hail a cab, withdraw money from the ATM, flirt, say FCUK a hundred times, check the PDA (every minute), and do some window shopping. All simultaneously.

Don't challenge New Yorkers on multitasking. Furthermore, don't expect them to find their street corner, fire escape stairs, a cab and the local bodega muse material. We are much more than that. But to the eye of the "extranjero" sometimes that's all it matters camera-wise. Actually, a photo with such iconic images sells. Simply because it's New York City!


IvO said...

Hay siiiiii no tienes idea! voy a ver si puedo ir!!! Estoy viendo de un trabajo que me dijeron que me iban a dar aqui en PR pero todavia no me dicen la que hay! :S Créemelo que ganas no me faltan

IvO said...

And btw! Gorgeous photos!

esteban martinez said...

hey karlo que tal? no se si me recuerdas i am esteban martinez from carlos campos fashion show in honduras sps we meet over there.
hey great job i just was having a look are your great job crongratulations. hope see you one day god bless in everything.