Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Firenze and Milano...of Working Men, Direction, Style, Long Lost Friends and Some In-Between...

My trip to Firenze and Milano was about re-connecting with what I use to do in the past and re-igniting the engines that would impulse me again every sixth month to my adored Europe. It was about style, men, fashion, long lost friends from childhood, divas that cannot and will not be forgotten, pearls, diamonds, trends, gelaterias, keeping cool in 100 degree weather and all things in-between...

En-route to Florence I stopped in Rome, where style is part of the basic necessities for living. Style, fashion, drinking (wine, champagne, after if needed, water) and then eating, that's your basic pyramid.

A hint of what is to come...

I saw the perpetual diamond as part of the men's accessories nowadays, but what caught my attention was the new "pearl" trend, either in white or black. Of course a gorgeous profile helps!

Even Salvatore Ferragamo threw pearls on the model's chest! Oh! And Emporio Armani launched Diamonds For Men, the fragrance. Well, well, well, times have changed! Don't misinterpret my lines, I'm up for change and I like what I see.

Diamonds For Men by Emporio Armani. The face of Diamonds? Josh Hartnett! Mani, keep those diamond faces coming!

Josh Hartnett and Giorgio Armani in the launch of Diamonds For Men.
I am open to anyone who would love to make me happier with some De Beers or Graff. Will you?

I did my homework but long time ago, when I was in college. Spent my tuition money on diamonds, lol. There went the veterinary career!

The Ammirabile Posse at Neil Barrett backstage... Pearls, diamonds... all jewels!

Spotted this vest at the Laura Biagiotti show.
Vests are still "happening" in very creative ways and designs. I would definitely go for it "sans le-crack". OK, OK, you have to give him credit, at least there is no "llanta" showing on the sides. He does his homework well: eats healthy and goes to the gym!

I saw mustaches galore a-la Tom Selleck and Burt Reynold (hence my new growing one in the picture above).

At Dirk Bikkembergs (below) men were super Men and bodies were hard and chunky, like the mustaches. The suits were of "sweat fabric" mixed with satin and some. Adored them!

(I'm not finish with this entry... more to come...)


Milano was not all about work work work. Friends, even childhood friends gave the trip direction and most of all essence.

The childhood that shaped you into who you are today can never be forgotten, neither the friends that played a part in the award-winning movie of your life. Add to it a legacy, a DIVA that cannot and will not be forgotten.

Seeing your friends on the runway is always exciting!


IvO said...


Se ve que la pasaste genial! Que pena que no nos pudimos encontrar... Que se te valla el jet-lag para ver las otras fotos!

Nos vemos en NY despu├ęs del 7 de Julio.


Cosme said...

No sabes que tantas veces pense en ti durante las ultimas dos semanas y ahora se porque...I was connecting to your soulfulness! I'm glad it was a great trip. Can''t wait to see the other photos and get more fashion advice. Welcome back y hasta luego.

Federico said...

hey karlo, no tengo el gusto de conocerte, pero se me hizo muy interesante tu recorrido por europa...
a que te dedicas? porque ando buscando trabajo!

Karlo said...

!Federico! Echale un ojo a mi perfil. ¿Que haces?