Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Friends are not property...

I know, I know, this is a beauty blog. It's supposed to be superficial and filled with a million tips on looking younger and fabulous 24/7. Well, guess what? As Emilio Olabarrieta of arquetipo mentioned to me at the Smithsonian gala, "I'm a beauty lover at all levels, like you are." And its true, to become beautiful, beauty has to impact all levels of your life. You have to drink it, eat it, live it, practice it, become IT. Hence you can always feel young and fabulous 24/7. So here we go, a bit of soul beauty... (posted here by facebook friend's requests)

Friends Are Not Property
(Inspired by Facebook incidents :-))

A friend of mine recently sent me a message saying "you HAVE so many beautiful people", referring to the "friends" I share on this CrackBook. I know what he meant, people that because of their inner beauty inevitably become physically GORGEOUS.

At that moment, the comment sort of shocked me. I was like, I HAVE! I HAVE? The whole idea of me "HAVING" made me very uncomfortable because HAVING struck me as if I owned them. As many of you know, one of the things I despite the most is the feeling of being limited, trapped, or someone thinking of me as an object they own. Ownership. You are MY friend, you are MY wife, MY lover, MY MY MY.

I'm a Sagitarius, if this shallow statement tells you anything after all. Put some bars around me and I'll fly further away from you, even if it is a pretty white picket fence. I may actually never come back. I'm a free soul. I'm no property and nobody owns me. I don't own friends, I share friends. I share their life. I witness their life, their happiness, their sadness, their up's and down's. They are no property.

Yesterday I witnessed one of the most beautiful moments you could share with a friend. In a corner, in Chelsea, we sat for 3 hours in an almost symbiotic state of energy and thoughts. Sometimes for long moments silent, feeling comfortable. If you have ever had that experience, you know that is one of the most awkward moments, or one of the most magical ones. It's in the presence of silence where individuals can sometimes measure their sense of communion and harmony.

We are no property of each other. Friendship has no mutually exclusive agreement of ownership. If you have the priviledge of being MY friend and vice-versa, we can just stand still and see our lives go by and share it, and celebrate LIFE!. Yes, I do have beautiful people around me. I thank you for that MY dear friends.


claire said...

la fotooooo. jajajaja. karlo, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!! <3 <3

johanna said...

Thank you my love for sharing your beautiful soul with me for all this years. I luv u!

Amylu Meneses said...

you are a beautiful being. always a pleasure to be in your presence:) xoxo