Thursday, March 12, 2009

The "Walk of Shame" look at Carlos Campos...

"There is no doubt there is something sexy about a person in uniform. For the Fall 2009 collection, Carlos Campos explores the darkness that comes from desire. It's the secrets that a uniform hides that Carlos is so interested in.

Whether it's a priest, a nun or a sadist, this season Carlos Campos explores the sensuality behind the man that makes the suit."
-Carlos Campos

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"Carlos Campo's inspiration this season parlays into a pair of Pandora's eyes, and lips might as well be the ones of Harpokrates, mute. The glances are dark, ardent; possibly full of desperation from life's struggle between the unimpeachable and the human condition. The lips reflect the unspoken secret that if ever enunciated would inevitably deconstruct the rigidity of the uniform's code."

All Makeup, Emani Minerals. Skincare, Orlane.

Above + below in-the-making makeup...

Above + below, hair guru Ted Gibson who created magic, simply magic.

Above, Megan McIntyre for Daily Makeover Dot Com "Walk of Shame" interview, click it!

AOL feature beauty link, click it!

Behind every great man there are 5 amazing women...

...award winning PR team, (L to R) Maria Laboy-Perez of LalaBoy PR, Claudette Martinez, Raquel Berrios, Erin Moore...

...and photographer du-jour, Ivonne Carlo Sellés

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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