Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shoe Fetish Baldinini...

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And so once again I land the Baldinini, super sexy, shoe campaign for the Fall-Winter 09/10!
Shot in New York City under extreme heat. Yes, one has to suffer to look beautiful and we suffer double the amount for always photographing the advertising campaigns 6 months in advance. The winter campaigns shot during the summer and vice versa.

'Uhum', while I was in my 'square cuts', topless and in sandals (SPF 70), they were in leather and fur being blown away by a wind machine held by my flexing biceps. Sexy right? I DON'T THINK SO! But the final product is... and who cares if we passed out, had a heat stroke and the makeup melted incessantly, the shoe campaign looks great and hopefully someone is having great sex because of us, with shoes on, lol.

Keep an eye on the pages of Italian Vogue, we are there too, of course.

Ah! Did you see us in Vogue Pelle too?

Thanks for reading. Hope you had a great Summer!

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