Saturday, May 12, 2007

Uomo Collezioni

(Above: Jason.)

With a new look and some new contributors Uomo Collezioni will look pretty handsome with the new editorials and pages to be filled with celebrities and exciting articles. Yes, we photographed some pages here in the city of New York and we definitely had fun, it was fierce, it was creative, we had some laughter and my personal bag was stolen by an idiot on a bicycle. We'll leave the "bag" for later.

(Above: Jason and Karlo.)

Anyway, Jason and Jerreth were amazing. Strong faces, chiseled, handsome, masculine and without the attitude outside of the camera. Thanks Giorgio (stylist) for the lovely time and the handsome clothes. Hollywood here we come!

(Above: Jerreth and Jason)

And still at the end of the day (2:00 AM) we still had time for one more picture of camaraderie... love you guys!!!

(Above: Karlo, Giorgio and Jason)

Until next one! Thanks for reading!

PD.: Sorry guys but on these photos I am not wearing my bronzer. Can you tell?


Anonymous said...

Karlo! Shots look great!! had a blast with you...come visit me in the city soon!


Anonymous said...

Even without bronzer, you look like a STAR!!!!

Rod H.

claire said...

what cheekbones!!! dior mio ;).