Saturday, May 12, 2007

Patricia Velasquez, a pink suit and Wayuu Taya...

(Above: Patricia Velazquez and "moi," in a pink Carlos Campos suit.)

Well, I think once in a while we all strive for something that can make us feel more human. Of course we need love, we need to be touched...caressed. Simply put, we need to know that we matter. But working in the business Patricia and I work for can basically make you loose connection to your basic homo-sapiens feelings and essence. It can be a bit superficial, or a lot, and one can start missing some "tuercas y tornillos" and get "cucu in the head."

(Above: Patricia Velasquez and Carolina Herrera.)

I always try to go back to basic stuff in order to be in touch with my inner being. Whether it's at home, cooking, cleaning, sitting down with friends and being silly, or watching the Oprah Show or Extreme Makeover (and cry my eyes out), I like to often knock on the spirit and soul door to keep myself grounded . Crying is not only good for the heart and keeping in touch with your humane side (some friends call me "la llorona" as I cry even at the mere site of a stray dog), but it also cleanses. Crying gets rid of toxins in your body and it just feels primal.

(Above: Patricia Velasquez and all the NY press, insane!)

But I can't be eye-balling all day! I might as well admit myself into Promises with Britney, wear a wig, and start not wearing underwear and flash the flashers. Therefore, I'd rather work on my spare time as a volunteer with a non-profit organization like the LCOA and feel good about myself. You know what I mean, feel you are making a difference "con tu granito de arena." On the other hand, there are others like Patricia Velasquez, that have their own non-for-profit organization, the Wayuu Taya Foundation. Whichever one you choose, do it once and be part of the experience. It's pretty cool.

(Above: Eileen Ford and her favorite model... uhummm.)

Patricia's gala benefit for the Wayuu Taya Foundation was amazing. She'll tell you that the most fun of it all is producint it ;-) It was at the Soho Grand Hotel and a LOT of beautiful people said "presente." Among the ones I can remember that were beautifying the gala were: Eileen Ford, co founder of Ford Models, the supermodel Petra Nemcova, designers Narciso Rodriguez and Carolina Herrera, Soledad O'Brien,
anchor and special correspondent for CNN: Special Investigations Unit... and last but not least, Iman, who was one of the hosts of the evening together with Patricia Velazquez.

(Above: Well, whatevah, and Iman.)

The gala was a hot ticket to get, the Foundation made some "cashola," everyone had fun, and
definitely in the end they all felt more human. Although standing next to Iman I felt more like... well, I "dunno". I asked her if I could borrow some of her genes and her husband too. I didn't wear pink for nothing.

Beauty tips coming soon. Also, what Jeffrey Slomin said about Patricias' makeup that got me into trouble; he caught me off-guard and I revealed one of my beauty secrets to Allure magazine.

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