Monday, May 21, 2007

Cielo Latino Gala images...

And they lived happily ever after, drank Bellinis (the signature drink at Cipriani), danced amongst lovely and beautiful people with wonderful hearts at the "ritmo" of Marcelo Cunning, and above of all, they were happy to save lives. Here is the veredict...

(This Jeniffer Lopez knows how to have fun in Dior)

(Karlo and Denise Quiñones)

(Karina Vieira and Dr. Pablo Meyer)

(LaPerla [Javier Boné] and actress Lupe Ontiveros)

(Yai from Arcos Communications and Maribel Schumacher from TuCasa Entertainment)

(Adriana Maldonado from Metropolitan Designers and Rita Castillo from Conventus)

(Jose Santori, Karlo, Arlene Ramirez-Shapiro and Antonio Zazua)

More to come, give me some time to collect more images...

Love, K.

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